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I am so amazed by this program; I was pretty skeptical at first but after the first week I could already tell some real changes were starting to take place! The support I had with Di and emails, and the resources in my materials were exactly what I needed to kick through the program, and I am so glad I did because I feel awesome!


I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to make healthier changes to their diet and lifestyle! The shopping lists, recommended meals and tips made the whole process easier to follow! I was also more than pleased with the motivation and email support from Di , who made sure to check up on me every day!


I haven’t felt this good in so long, actually, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in my entire life! Since the program, I’ve continued to eat clean and have achieved even more results by losing more weight, and increasing my energy. Now I know what foods were keeping me awake at night, and I’ve been able to sleep better and ditch those annoying black circles around my eyes. Thank you!!!


I have suffered from so many digestive and health problems over the years and never knew what to do. I heard about this cleanse program and was interested in the elimination diet part that was mentioned and within a couple days of being on the cleanse I started feeling like a new person! During the transition, I figured out that I was allergic to eggs and it was the primary cause of a lot of my digestive problems, who would have known? I am so glad I took this cleanse program!


When I started this program, I was coming off of being disappointed by all the weight I gained over Winter. I felt pretty helpless and drained. I was so happy to start seeing the kilos just falling away as I followed along with mycleanse! The cleanse was fantastic, the support was above and beyond, I couldn’t ask for more and will be taking on the challenge of the next program to help keep up with my healthy goals!


I couldn’t be happier with myself for following through with this detox program, I was a yo-yo dieter for years and never saw lasting results. I was a bit worried and skeptical about this program because of how simple the changes seemed, but I swallowed my words when I checked the scale at the end of the program, and I lost 2 kilos!


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