20,000 Australian women have a heart attack each year – and 70% of of those indicate stress as a major cause!

Stress is also a key factor in hormone imbalances which can cause weight gain and research is indicating stress as major factor of diseases like diabetes, cancer, asthma, skin problems and allergies, to name just a few.

1 in 4 Australian women suffer from stress, saying that work, family and feeling pressured to stay healthy stress them out, but the BIG one is money and finances!

Some of the signals of financial stress include only being able to meet the minimum due on credit cards, dread of opening mail for fear that it might be another bill, juggling credit cards, always being late in paying bills, using credit cards for basics such as food and avoiding thinking about finances.

This won’t go away if you ignore it!

It just gets worse as late and overdue fees pile up and your stress levels rise (remember those 20,000 women?). Taking control of your finances, rather than letting them control you will give you a feeling of empowerment. As you see debts being paid of and savings build up you’ll start to feel more confident and less stressed. 

Put a stop to all the worrying and start to ease your money anxiety with these simple habits.

Make a budget

A budget lets you decide when and how to spend your money. It’s okay to spend money on fun or crazy things, as long as you have a plan and you know you can afford it. You have to earn more than you spend so your budget that needs to match your income. Consolidate your loans and accounts or refinance your mortgage. Automatically deduct small amounts regularly into a savings account for a “rainy day” fund.

Take five minutes each night to go over your budget this helps you to stay on track and gives a clear picture of where you are that month. It’s also important to balance your bank statements each month – this means opening them instead of stashing them in a drawer!
You can download a simple budget plan here, use one of the many apps avaialbel or keep it simple with a pen and paper version!
Be clear with your financial goals 
Your budget will be easier to stick to if you have clear goals and a plan in mind. Think about a long-term ( be debt free!), mid-term (that trip you’ve been thinking about?) and short-term (pay credit card each month) goals to work towards. 
Keep it simple and check your progress at least once each month.
Start a daily gratitude or meditation practice (or both)
When we’re stressed it’s often hard to be positive and we tend to focus on negatives. This can also make it difficult to see a way out of a difficult financial situation. Focusing on the ‘wealth’ of your daily life with a gratitude practise can shift you to a more positive mindset and then it easier to start to take action. 
Meditation calms and grounds us – making it easier to get a clearer vision of how we want our life to look.
When you take charge your financial situation, whatever that is,  you will start to feel more in control and less stressed. If you ignore it and just hope that your debts will disappear (they won’t!) you’ll be increasing your anxiety and stress and this will have a negative impact on your overall health!
What’s your favourite way to make a budget? Share in the comments below.

My mentor Denise Diffield Thomas is a pro at helping women overcome money blocks. She has a free audio to help women identify and clear money crap. It’s definitely worth a listen.


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