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Don’t Skip Meals | Back to Basics

It’s common for people to think that when they skip a meal, they are “saving” kilojoules. 


This week we’re covering something that can help us have more energy and lose weight.

Skipping meals to “save kilojoules” backfires and by mid-afternoon or early evening, you’ll feel famished. And, then you overeat – or worse you snack on junk while making dinner and then overeat. Then, you feel guilty because you think you have no willpower. 
Our body needs fuel in the form of food to function, so when it’s deprived, it screams out for what it needs – food!  Willpower is no match. Skipping meals sets you up for failure and feeling guilty. 
“What’s wrong with me?”
“Why can’t I control my appetite?”  
When you’re eating on a regular schedule and giving your body the type of real food fuel that it needs, it’s much easier to keep your appetite under control. 

If you eat three whole food meals a day and have healthy snacks when needed, you’ll notice you get through the day with more energy. 

When you plan your meals out for the day, you’ll find yourself making healthier choices.  It’s more tempting to make unhealthy choices when you need to eat something now and you just grab the closest thing you can find.
By planning ahead, you’ll be less likely to skip meals and you’ll soon notice a difference in how you feel.  You’ll also find that you usually end up eating fewer kilojoules during the day.
Eat until you feel about 80% full then wait a few minutes to see if you feel satiated and comfortably full.  This will help with that feeling of feeling overly full and uncomfortable.

Skipping meals usually means weight gain and bloating from overeating!

Do you typically skip meals most days?  Notice how you feel when you eat 3 balanced meals. Do you have more energy?  Feel less moody?
What can you do this week to make sure you don’t skip any meals? (Hint: Try planning ahead!)

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