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Save time, money and kilojoules | Back to Basics 2

One of the most important strategies for reaching your health goals, and maintaining your ideal weight is planning ahead!

Planning and shopping for your meals for the week does take a little time to set-up, but it will actually save you time during the week as you’ll have everything you need ready to go!

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail is very true when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

I like to look at the next week on Saturday or Sunday and then I can plan meals and exercise around work and social commitments.

Think about what you need to have ready for your week so it will run smoothly.

What days are busy? What meals do you need to prepare at home? What will they be? Can you double up and use leftovers for lunches? What snacks will you have handy?
Write down what you’ll cook during the week and add anything you need to your shopping list. 

Don’t forget about your exercise!

What days and times can you exercise?  On those super busy days, can you find at least 10 minutes for some kind of physical activity? A quick a walk or Youtube yoga? 
Add it to your calendar as if it’s an important appointment, so you don’t forget.  Get your workout clothes ready the night before, as a reminder and you’ll be ready to go. 
If I left things to chance, I would probably never exercise or cook at home.

We’re all busy and have a million things to juggle, and this is why planning is so important to your success.

If you find yourself wondering what’s for dinner, and it’s 5:00 pm, you probably failed to plan. It happens to all of us, believe me.  I’m not perfect either, but I plan things out a lot more now, and it’s a lot less stressful and a whole lot healthier.
By taking just a little bit of extra time to plan, you can make sure that you always have healthy food choices at your fingertips, and you aren’t rushing to make the quick, convenient, highly-processed choices.
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Share your favourite quick and easy, go to meal in the comments below.

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