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Do you know what you want for 2018?

Have you made any plans or set goals for 2018?

Or do you just draft along dreaming of a different lifestyle?

I believe being proactive rather than reactive is essential to being happy and healthy, and a big part of that means knowing what you want.

And working that out can be hard – before you know it there’s another year gone by and you’re still thinking about what you wanted to achieve and who you wanted to be. (just like last year!).

So let’s start 2018 with INTENTION and have a positive reminder of who we’d like to be and what we’d like to have and do this year!

But it can be hard to stay focused with all the noise, busyness and clutter that surrounds us each day. One of my favourite tools to stay focused is visualisation.

So it’s time to get creative with a vision board to help us to reach our goals for 2018!

So, what is a vision board?

A vision board is basically a board or image where you post meaningful pictures or words that represent goals, attributes, or things you would like to attract and work towards in your life.

Your vision board is a source of inspiration. It helps to keep you focused, motivated, and recharges you with positive energy.

The golden rule of creating a vision board is that ANYTHING is allowed and there are no limitations! Just open your mind and don’t let anything hold you back.

Will you be starting 2018 with INTENTION and creating your vision board this week?

Here’s how to create your vision board:

Pick out your board: cork board, cardboard, pin board, Pinterest or add images to Canva or an online program.

I like to use a cork board as I can easily change things a the year moves forward, but choose whatever works best for you!

Get some markers, stickers, a glue stick, scissors, and a lot of magazines that you love if you’re doing the cut and paste version.

Cut and paste words or pictures from the magazines of quotes, sayings or affirmations that you love, places you want to visit, and images that reflect your personal or professional goals … basically, anything you want for yourself or in your life – as long as it represents something meaningful and important to you.

Once you’re happy with your vision board, place it somewhere that you’ll see it every day!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to goal setting, let’s have a quick call and get you started.

There’s no obligation, just a 15 minute 1:1 call to get cleat on your health goal how to reach it in 2018!

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