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Think that diets don’t work for you?

You’re probably right!

You hear about this wonderful new diet that will guarantee weight-loss, so you try it, and lose some weight initially, but then you end up gaining even more weight back once you’ve finished the diet. Does this sound familiar?


Do those pesky lost kilos always manage to track you down? Are they like the find my phone app?

 Just because a diet has worked for one person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. We’re all different – it’s called bio-individuality. Most of us start a diet with a short term goal – usually to to lose weight before a big event. So you’re starting the diet with the perception that it will stop – it’s a temporary fix used to get a short term result. Once that result is achieved, the diet is stopped and your old eating habits come back, along with the lost kilos ( and often more).

 Is your pattern is yo-yo dieting or weight cycling?  This is when you  start a diet, lose weight, and then gain weight, (often more than what you lost!) then you keep repeating the cycle, again and again.
 You start the diet again because you lost weight before – but you also gained that weight back. Again it’s a short term fix and can often gives you a negative mindset. “ Nothing works for me so I’ll just stop trying”


 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Lots of diets are based around the formula that says that “if kilojoule expenditure exceeds kilojoule intake it will therefore promote weight loss”. 
This doesn’t work because  everybody processes kilojoules differently and every kilojoule is not created equal.  Kilojoules from spinach or sweet potatoes are much more nutrient-dense than kilojoules consumed from a processed, low-fat muffin, the same kilojoule intake can stop your hunger or kick of your sugar craving and then you want to eat more!!
A diet that a is low in kilojoules can shift your body into survival mode, slowing down your metabolism and running the risk of your metabolism staying sluggish.
Feeling deprived before you even start your new ‘diet’ sets you up for failure. Constant feelings of deprivation will bring on food cravings that can be hard to control. Diets usually don’t look at  food cravings and how to handle them. But by having some strategies to help control those cravings are necessary to long term, sustainable weight loss and optimal health.
When you give your body the fuel it needs  to function optimally, the extra weight will  disappear –  without constant dieting. And this happens with healthy habits that become a part of your daily routine.


You’re ready to look and feel your best, without diets or deprivation, but you don’t know where to start? 

This is why I’ve created the free Clarity Call! Take the first step towards living in your ideal body and book your call here.



Coming Soon!

The Winter Immunity Boost Cleanse!

Why a Winter Cleanse? A cleanse is your opportunity to slow down, to quiet what’s coming into your body, and to activate your systems of detoxification and elimination.
The Winter Immunity Boost Cleanse will prepare you  for the winter months by boosting your immunity, decreasing your internal inflammation, and supporting your kidneys, which function as one of your major detoxification organs, as well as your adrenals, which are core to your hormone health. By supporting these organs you tap into your innate ability to reinvigorate, re-inspire and renew yourself and your boost your immunity through the winter months to beat colds, flu and winter blues.


Q. Will I have to eat weird stuff or starve on a cleanse? 
A. No! This is a whole foods cleanse, replacing inflammatory foods with nourishing, supportive and nutrient-dense foods,  resulting in clearer focus, decreased cravings, less bloat and renewed energy.

The Burrito Veggie Bowl is just  one of over 50 recipes from the Winter Immmunity Boost Cleanse! Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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