Studies have shown that if you “stand in a superhero pose” before a stressful situation (job interview, family event) or any really hard task, you will not only feel and look a lot more confident, but you’ll cope lots better.

And the best part is – it only takes a couple of minutes to work!

When you are genetically predisposed with higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone), you’re more likely to be more confident, assertive, less anxious and generally the kind of person who can handle situations under pressure well, all due to better hormone balance.

But for those of us who aren’t that lucky (me!), research has shown that using a physical cue like body language can improve how you feel in your own skin within minutes!


Amy Cuddy is a Harvard researcher who has studied “power poses” and how they change your hormone levels.

Her research showed that certain poses increased testosterone by 20% and decreased cortisol levels by 25% in just a few minutes. This means, that on demand, you can shift your hormone levels to help you in any situation you want!

Practise this simple habit for a couple of minutes each day and use it whenever you’re feeling less than confident.

Simply stand tall like a Superman or Wonder Woman or any other superhero. You know how they do it – chest out, hands on the hips, legs slightly spread, chin up…
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, slowing it down to make the’ in breath’ the same as the ‘out breath’. (When we’re anxious we tend to shorten out breath which signals to our bodies that we’re stressed).
I get anxious about going to meetings and social events when I’m on my own, so I use this simple habit to help me to look and feel more confident. 
Our FB group challenge for this week is to practise a power pose each day this week for at least 2 minutes, so we’ll create a habit that we can use in any stressful situation. Come and join the fun here, we’d love to see you there!
PS – If you’d like to check out Amy’s Ted Talk, it’s definitely worth it!  You can watch it here.

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