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Diana Milnes is a passionate and sincere Holistic Health Coach helping women around the world to effect real change and lasting transformation in their lives. Drawing on her expertise as a health and wellness coach, fitness instructor and beauty and spa therapist, she generously shares her knowledge and guidance to help women become radiant, inside and out.

When she’s not inspiring women worldwide through her coaching programs, you’ll find her researching natural health and beauty, or spending time with her gorgeous grandchildren. She’s also a self-confessed addict of green tea, dark chocolate and yoga!

Are you ready to create real and lasting change in your life without depriving yourself ?

Women especially, spend their lifetime taking care of their family, usually nurturing everyone but themselves. We are mothers, lovers, wives, cooks, teachers, carers, businesswomen and leaders. But one day, we reach a point when we look back and wonder… what happened? Is this as good as it gets?

It’s never too late to re-ignite your health and vitality!

My name’s Diana Milnes and I’m a holistic beauty and wellness coach for women who are ready to reclaim their beauty and radiance. I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring other women to achieve the same.

My experience in holistic wellness began with my own journey. My children had grown up, I was overweight, miserable and confused by all the conflicting advice about lifestyle and weight loss. Eventually I learned that health comes before weight loss, not the other way around. I’d been focussed on the wrong outcome and that kept me feeling defeated. 

When we’re in this space we tend to do one of two things; either we feel to overwhelmed to do anything, or we jump in with all the enthusiam in the world andthen inevitable fall back into old habits.

I want you to know this is completely normal. You’re not a failure, it’s not your lack of will power, and it’s certainly not because of your age. Just now, I invite you to take a deep breath, place your hand on your heart and go a little bit gentler on yourself while I share my experience with you.

Through making small shifts and incremental changes in my life, I finally began feeling different. While initially the scales didn’t change, I had improved energy and friends and colleagues were complementing me on my appearance. I felt lighter, brighter and happier. Even my relationships improved because I wasn’t feeling down on myself anymore. These small differences created such extraordinary change, I wanted to share my experience with other women, honestly and truthfully. I love watching the transformation take place in my clients.

When you feel vibrant and healthy, the ripple effect flows out to everyone around you.

Through my proven technique of integrating and layering habits, I support you to achieve real and sustainable transformations in your day-to-day life. 

If you are ready to change your life, forever, I would love to work with you.

Book a free discovery call and we can chat about where to get started.

I needed some balance in my life–balance between my work and personal life–and I wanted to make more time for myself and make my health a focus. That’s when I found Diana.
Diana immediately made me feel comfortable, and I loved that she actually listened and cared about my situation and wanted to help. This work was new for me, and even though I knew I wanted to make a change, I sometimes doubted whether I was ready–that’s where Diana really helped me.
And now, I’m eating better, getting daily exercise, sleeping better than ever, and looking after myself more! I feel more focused, have a clearer head and just feel better all around.


The main reason I signed up to work with Diana was because of her philosophy on life and living well. I wanted to gain extra tools and new ideas on how to make positive changes in my day to day life, and I wanted to have someone there to support me along the way.
Diana was so positive and had so much knowledge to share that I knew I had to work with her. 
I’m more positive about the everyday ups and downs, I’ve began to incorporate exercise into my days again and I’ve rediscovered what I used to know about the good feelings that come from looking after yourself and exercising regularly.


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