Confused about where to start when it comes to weight loss and improving your health?

Struggling to reach your ideal body size even though you seem to be constantly dieting? 

Good news! 


Being healthy and living in your ideal body doesn’t need to be so hard.

Reset your Body with 4 simple habits!


• You’re fed up with trying to follow all the weight loss and food trends which are meant to make you feel better (but don’t) 

• You’ve forgotten about doing things for yourself, and what it feels like to be truly happy in your own body.

• You know what you should be doing to feel healthy. But you need practical advice to get there.

• You need someone to help you figure out what your unique body needs to feel good and thrive.


That’s exactly what I do.

I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and my passion is helping you feel better about your body and your life.
With my programs and individual coaching, I teach women to create super-practical and simple healthy habits so they feel great and easily take care of their bodies, without deprivation or overwhelm.

Working with Di I was able to stay on focus and create lasting change.

And now, I'm eating better, getting daily exercise, sleeping better than ever, and looking after myself more!
Plus, I've learned that what I eat and put into my body does affect how I look, feel and sleep.
Cathy | 1:1 Transformation


When you're feeling bloated and your digestion is dodgy more often than you feel good it's time to do something about it!This approach helps you to learn to eat mindfully and keep your digestive symptoms at bay.

SMOOTHIES – love or not?

Home Have you tried adding smoothies to your day? I love them as a quick on the go snack that will give me the energy boost that I need. Smoothies are also a great choice for breakfast. With the right ingredients they are low GI and will help curb your sugar...


Home Do you have cravings over food? Mostly it’s chocolate for me, but I also get hit with a salt craving occasionally. So I was interested to learn that our craving for certain foods have alot more to do with our emotions than with hunger.   Food cravings...


Do you suffer from bloating, indigestion, heartburn, poor sleep or lack of energy? This could be your solution! Even when you're eating healthy food you still need to be aware of portion sizes, and it’s a lot easier than you think it might be. A lot of it comes down to what’s right in front of you when you sit down to eat!

One conversation could change your life.


We look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not working and how to create simple daily habits that will help you to reach your health and weight loss goals – without dieting or deprivation.

“I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and I’ve been dieting for as long as I can remember. This is the first time I finally feel like I CAN lose weight and keep it off– and it’s not a chore to do. ’

Sue | Rejuvenate Cleanse

I love the Mini Reset! I can’t believe that 4 simple things could make a difference in just 4 days!

I’ve done it a few times now – it gets me back on track after holidays and party weekends.

Sharon | Reset Guide

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