You know what you should be doing to feel healthy. But you need practical advice to get there.

You need someone to help you figure out what your unique body needs to feel good and thrive. 


That’s exactly what I do.


I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and my passion is helping you feel better about your body and your life.

Whether it’s a program or individual coaching, I help women to create super practical, simple habits so they feel great and easily take care of their bodies, without deprivation or overwhelm.
By working together, we can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you, creating simple everyday habits that become lifelong changes to enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Working with Di I was able to stay on focus and create lasting change.

And now, I’m eating better, getting daily exercise, sleeping better than ever, and looking after myself more!
Plus, I’ve learned that what I eat and put into my body does affect how I look, feel and sleep.

One conversation could change your life.


We look at what you’re doing now, what’s working and what’s not working and how to create simple daily habits that will help you to reach your health and weight loss goals – without dieting or deprivation.

Could Your “Money Personality” Be Sabotaging You?

TAKE THE FREE MONEY ARCHETYPE QUIZ!! You’ll discover SO much about yourself and your unconscious money beliefs just by taking this quiz -- but it gets even better, because after you receive your results, you’ll also be automatically enrolled in a free video training program to help you apply what you’ve learned straight away.

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Think that diets don’t work for you?

Home You’re probably right! You hear about this wonderful new diet that will guarantee weight-loss, so you try it, and lose some weight initially, but then you end up gaining even more weight back once you’ve finished the diet.Does this sound familiar?   Do...

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How will your life look when you reach your goal?

Home I used to think that goal setting and planning were a waste of time – I was a ‘just get on with it, fly by the seat of my pants’ type person! I always felt that the time it would take me to think up goals and then write them down and map out a...

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Home Studies have shown that if you “stand in a superhero pose” before a stressful situation (job interview, family event) or any really hard task, you will not only feel and look a lot more confident, but you’ll cope lots better.   And the...

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Home I find that it’s common to think that when you skip a meal, you’re “saving” kilojoules!   Skipping meals to “save kilojoules” usually backfires and by mid-afternoon or early evening, you’ll be starving. And then you overeat at dinner – or worse you...

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5 Simple ways to beat belly bloat each day

Home My health coaching clients often say they feel bloated and uncomfortable around the belly, often even after losing some kilos. And that’s unfair! There’s lots of reasons for this and lots of different solutions as each person is unique. You may think it’s...

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I love the Mini Reset! I can’t believe that 4 simple things could make a difference in just 4 days!

I’ve done it a few times now – it gets me back on track after holidays and party weekends.